Title:The Standard for Program Management — Third Edition
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The Standard for Program Management—Third Edition provides a detailed understanding of program management and promotes efficient and effective communication and coordination among various project management groups. Updates include:

• Program Life Cycle has been assigned its own chapter for the third edition to provide the details of the unique set of elements that makes up the program management phase.

• The third edition highlights the full scope of program management and clarifies the supporting processes that complete the delivery of programs in the organizational setting.

• A more detailed definition of program management within an organization is provided, including the fundamental differences between project management and program management.

PMI has recently made changes to the printing of The Standard for Program Management — Third Edition. The paper color is gray instead of white utilizing a patented anti-counterfeit print technology designed to prevent unauthorized reproductions of this book. When the book is copied or scanned a hidden warning message will appear in the background. When reading the book you could also see the warning message appearing lightly in the background of the pages. This security feature is intended to discourage anyone from attempting to counterfeit or illegally reproduce this book. The content of the book has not changed.

Publisher:Project Management Institute
Date Published:2013
PMI Product ID:00101388801
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