Title:The Standard for Portfolio Management — Fourth Edition
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Detailed Description: PfMP® Exam Candidates: Which edition of The Standard for Portfolio Management should you use?

In today’s environment of rapid change and constant disruption, highly mature portfolio management practices have proven to be a vital tool to organizational success.

Portfolio managers oversee a collection of projects, programs and other activities that are grouped together to meet strategic business objectives. The practice of portfolio management is integral to the implementation of your organization’s overall strategic plan.

Now in its fourth edition, The Standard for Portfolio Management reflects current practices and has been updated to reflect the evolution of the profession.

It is a principle-based standard, making it applicable to a broad range of organizations, regardless of project delivery approach.

The Fourth Edition also contains an expanded description of portfolio management to reflect its relation to organizational project management and the organization.

Not only is The Standard for Portfolio Management – Fourth Edition invaluable for portfolio managers and aspiring portfolio managers, it’s an important reference for anyone who works with portfolios—from project and program managers to project stakeholders and senior managers.

Publisher:Project Management Institute
Date Published:October 2017
PMI Product ID:00101600601
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