Title:Implementing Project Portfolio Management
Author:Dr. Te Wu (PMP, PgMP, PfMP); Dr. Panos Chatzipanos (P.Eng, RPP)
Category:Portfolio Management
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Detailed Description:Implementing Project Portfolio Management addresses the “how-tos” of portfolio management. A major contribution to a field still evolving, this guide is aligned to The Standard for Portfolio Management – Fourth Edition and provides guidance for implementation.

The real value the authors provide in this guide are insights on how to apply the performance management domains covered in the standard that are in practice today by introducing tools and templates into their discussion. Expansive in range, the management topics addressed include life cycle, strategy, governance, complexity, capacity and capabilities, stakeholders, value, risk, and agile practices in portfolio management.

Ultimately, successful portfolio management requires all management levels to support and communicate the value of portfolio management to the organization and stakeholders—from innovation and ideation to selecting the right projects. Far-reaching in its impact on portfolio management practitioners, thinkers, stakeholders, and the wider project management community, this guide envisions the continued transformation of portfolio management with the changing needs of organizations and advances in technology. For that reason, the authors created an accompanying website (www.implementppm.com), which provides a forum for continuing the conversation regarding the concepts and practices of portfolio management.

Publisher:Project Management Institute
Date Published:September 2018
PMI Product ID:00101612601
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